Can a messenger be funny and friendly to non-blockchain users and be in blockchain?

Welcome to Communicator

Decentralized, lovely and funny messenger in Ethereum blockchain.

bookmark_border Features

Colored chat balloons

Users can pick a color from a pre-defined set to apply to every balloon (and/or make a default of his balloons).

With the tokens, user can:

  • Apply your own HEX color
  • Apply a border and set his color

Very, very personalized balloons

Do a normal speaking, a shout, a thinking balloon, a whisper, a citation, etc.

With the tokens, user can purchase new balloon forms.

No costs in GAS is needed

What? Use Ethereum's blockchain but no costs needed? Yes.

Users will have two options: to use Ethereum blockchain, his devices or the servers when needed (to not be expensive in any thing). In blockchain, only will have costs if the message is posted in public chat (but you can message in public chat without registering in blockchain). Also, the chat room owner can set to store the chat history in owners/mods device or in the servers. Users will store his private messages in his devices and optionally can store the history of chat rooms.

Want to store a important message in blockchain? You can register important things with a low GAS cost!


Take a picture to appear in every message to show your reaction.

The avatar that uses a reaction have a greater size.

Multiple themes

Not only the default background, but you can apply advanced themes that changes all the look of your messenger.

MSN feeling

Do you like the MSN look and don't see his elements in other messengers?

Communicator can make you remember these times!

Embed chat groups

Turn chat groups into amazing embeddeds in your site.

Chatip is the embed version of Communicator.

Send tokens to contacts

Easily send CMM, Days, Powers and Super Stickers to your contacts, or to any people.

You can also receive tokens by creating a link/button.

Multiple tokens

We are one of the first project to use 3 tokens.

And we are introducting the Communicator Day token, which have the singularity to be burned one per user everyday. See the Whitepaper for more details.

  • CMM: the main token. Used to buy days, powers and other items.
  • Day: represents how many days you can have your powers working.
  • Power: can be a colored name, a name with a glow, a emoji pack, chat room features, etc. Powers will be crypto collectibles.

SMS & phone

Communicator also will acts as a lightweight dialer and SMS app.

Bonus: work as a modem dialer.

Super Stickers

Not just another sticker you send.

Super Stickers are animated stickers that are crypto collectibles and haves a DNA system.

Also, if someone sends a Super Sticker and you send another in sequence, they can breed and drop a egg.

P2P games

You can open a list of games in your message/group window, then play games such as: drawings, tic tac toe, mines, etc

A bridge between your devices

Receives a notification on your PC, and your smartwatch rings.

Receives a SMS on your phone, replies to it on your PC or TV.

These are a few of a lot of possibilities for communication integration between your devices.



Protocol: ERC-20

Decimals: 18

Name: Communicator Token Placeholder

Placeholder token distributed right after the crowdsale for: airdrop/signature/bounty hunters, team, contributors and buyers. Is the precessor of COMM tokens.

We will not immediately issue the main tokens (COMM) because they need a contract that is better than an simple ERC-20 crowdsale contract. In some weeks after crowdsale we will build the COMM contract (ERC-223, compatible with ERC-20 and is its successor).

Users will move to COMM contract by exchanging COMM-P to COMM tokens in an 1:1 basis. Placeholder tokens will be burned when transferred to the new contract.

As our crowdsale will be on CoinLaunch platform, the contract will be ERC-20. But the project will give another bounty and the tokens needs to be ERC-223. After crowdsale all airdrop/bounty/signature participants and sale buyers will receive COMM-P tokens. So when we launch the COMM token (it will be some weeks after crowdsale) users will can exchange his COMM-P tokens to COMM tokens in a 1:1 basis (for sample, send 700 COMM-P and receive 700 COMM). All COMM-P sent to the COMM contract will be burned. 900,000,000 will be the total supply of this token.

Total supply

900,000,000 tokens.

Token allocation

Note: those values doesn't count the numbers after the comma in percentage calcs. 1% is the sum of the numbers that where after the comma, so 99% appear when you calc 73+11+15. But those numbers are correct, even not showing 100% when you calc.
Allocation for Other (15%)

Airdrop: 12,187,500

Bounty: 46,191,250

Signature campaign (stakes): 5,000,000

Crowdsale Advisors: 38,310,625

Partnerships: 38,310,625

Crowdsale buyers: 660,000,000

Team: 100,000,000


Protocol: ERC-223

Decimals: 18

Name: Communicator Token

The main token of Communicator. Is a ERC-223 token used to buy Days, Powers, themes, Super Stickers and other digital assets used in the app.

1,000,000,000 will be the total supply of this token, including 90% from the old contract (COMM-P).

This contract will vest/freeze 100,000,000 tokens for the new and automatic airdrop/bounty campaign that will begin when the app reach some user amount.

Total supply

1,000,000,000 tokens (90% from COMM-P contract).

Token allocation

From COMM-P: 900,000,000

Automatic airdrop (stakes): 25,000,000

Automatic bounty (stakes): 75,000,000


Protocol: ERC-223

Decimals: 4

Name: Communicator Day token

ERC-223 token that represents how many days the holder can have his powers active (works like a subscription).

DAY tokens needs to be cheap. User can buy any amount of days he wants.

Every day one DAY token will be burnt per each user. For sample, if we have 5.000 token holders, 5.000 tokens will be burnt in one day. If a user bought 600 DAY tokens yesterday, today he have 599 tokens and tomorrow 598 tokens.

DAY tokens will be divisible in four decimals:
1.0401 = 1[day].04[hour]01[minute]

Each COMM token sent to this contract, will mint DAY tokens according to the exchanging price.

Total supply will be changed while new DAY tokens are generated.

Instead of burning COMM tokens sent, they will be available to be bought using ETH.

DAY tokens are transferable between users, and with the Exchange power they can trade DAY tokens to COMM tokens.

If the DAY token\92s price gets too much expensive, users will get a limit of token amount bought per day. After it, if the value returns to be expensive, other workarounds will be done, such as mint 1 token every 2 days (giving one month free after holding for two months).

Total supply

Scalable according to the sent COMM tokens to buy DAY tokens


Protocol: ERC-721

Name: Communicator Power token

Is a ERC-721 token that represents the powers. Powers are special features that are only available by purchasing with COMM tokens, and they are active while the user have DAY tokens in his wallet.

Power\92s price in COMM tokens are changed according to exchange rates.

Powers are transferable between users, having possibility to sell them.

Total supply

Not applicable since powers are like crypto collectibles.

help Is this a scam?

I know that this whole project and site are being designed by just me and without impressive images and amazing animations, and now is just a few people in the team. It can raise some alerts and doubts.

2011 I started this project as "Plasmmer Messenger/Peeper Messenger" projecting his features and in 2013 I created his icon/color (that is still today) and renamed it to Communicator. And in April 24 2018 I started this project as a ICO.

Some people in groups where I talked about Communicator, called it as "scam" without even reading about. Then here are some answers about the risks.

In the ICO, the funds will not be sent to me (Daniell Mesquita) and not even sent to Communicator, but to our partner CoinLaunch. They will act like a escrow. And after the end of the ICO, CoinLaunch will send the raised funds to the ICO wallet that I created.

So the risk here is that the project don't succeed (investing with conscience and research is your responsability), can't achieve his soft cap and/or for when the funds will be sent to Communicator's wallet after the end of ICO.

If the project don't achieve his minimum thresholds, the amounts will be refunded to buyers by CoinLaunch accourding to his Refund Policy. Then, in this step, you don't need to trust Communicator's team, but in the project and in CoinLaunch.

Reading with more attention, the risk in this part is that after the ICO, the funds will be sent to Communicator's Ethereum wallet (which I have access). So only join this ICO with so much sure and research, it's your sole responsibility.

I'm doing some researches about the team, ICO campaign, the contract (since a Reddit user has recently found a vulnerability in the ERC20 protocol), airdrop, the Communicator Day token and his daily one token burn per user, the Communicator Power token linked with powers as crypto collectibles, bounties, etc. Also I'm improving the Whitepaper, in a early stage. Please help these questions in our threads: Questions for the community and Bounty for community's initial help.

Kindly regards,

Daniell Mesquita - CEO of Communicator.

assignment_ind Team


    Board of directors

  • Daniell Mesquita


    UI/UX Designer

    Chatip's Developer


    In 2011 started developing and in 2012 launched and began managing his own social network called Peeper, but closed it in Oct 2014 due to server expenses.
    Is good at projecting and designing concepts. No known positions in companies and not a famous interpreneur, just is starting his first ICO.

  • COO

    Community Manager

    Promotion Advisor

  • Board of developers


    Advisory board


    Temporary board

  • "Iceman"

    Smart contract developer

  • Bounty Manager

  • You

    From any place from the world

    Contact us.

map Roadmap

Simple roadmap for now

  • Improve the site (English revision, design, infos, buttons, pages, etc.)
  • Post jobs on AngelList
  • Get team members from the community
  • Post ANN thread

timeline Complex roadmap

Note: this roadmap is subject to changes.

link Newsletter/Referral

Earn 125 COMM tokens for subscribing to our newsletter.

Invite friends and earn 125 COMM tokens for every one that signup.

info You can also join our other campaigns here.

lightbulb_outline Working prototypes

question_answer FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Communicator?

Communicator is a decentralized, lovely and funny messenger project for the Ethereum blockchain and other blockchains/sidechains/platforms. It will have 3 tokens: Communicator Token (COMM \96 the main token to buy the other assets), Communicator Day (DAY \96 one token burnt everyday per user) and Communicator Power (POWER - with crypto collectibles including the Super Stickers, based on the ERC-721 Ethereum proposal).

It aims to be a full-featured friendly instant messenger (IM) for teenagers, adults and non-blockchain users.

For teenagers: it will come with funny stickers, Super Stickers (crypto collectibles based in the ERC-721 standard), colored/multiform chat balloons, multiple themes support (free and COMM token paid themes), photo reactions, some of MSN\92s design elements and in-window P2P chat games.

For adults: acts as dialer/SMS/modem dialer app and can trade commands between your devices (such as reply a SMS from PC or from PC send a link to your phone).

For non-blockchain users: no costs in GAS needed, embed chat groups to put in your site/blog, exchange/send tokens to other contacts and built-in Ethereum wallet.

Who is behind Communicator?

For now, is just the Designer/CEO (Daniell Mesquita), the Bounty Manager (removed name), the Community Manager/Promotion Advisor removed name and the Ethereum smart contracts developer (Iceman). We will find more team members while the project spreads to people with his campaigns.

Do you have a White Paper?

Yes. It is available for download here.

The tokens are available?

For now, the tokens are being assigned in spreadsheets, but not distributed. Tokens will be generated and distributed after the ICO.

Where is the ICO?

Before the ICO we will run a pre-ICO. The pre-ICO will be announced soon (In 2018 Q2) so stay tuned in our social networks.

In the ICO, can I purchase COMM tokens using FIAT?

Our ICO will be in CoinLaunch, and only Ethereum will be accepted.

When exchanges?

After the token distribution event, the tokens will be tradeable in decentralized exchanges that supports putting contract address in the URL (such as EtherDelta). We will announce all the links for those exchanges. After it, other exchanges will be planned.

The app will be available for what platforms?

Communicator will be available for Ethereum (as decentralized app), Android (watch, phone, tablet, TV and for Toshi app), iOS, Tizen, browsers (Progressive Web App, Chrome, Firefox, Brave and for MetaMask extension), other networks and PCs (MacOS, Linux, Windows). In all built apps, a Ethereum wallet with Communicator's token support will be included.

About the unsold tokens?

Unsold tokens will be burned by CoinLaunch, and if the ICO doesn't succeeds, the raised ETH will be refunded.

These colored balloons are irritating me in this site. And in the Communicator?

You will have an option to disable colored balloons on messages you sent (this change will be visible to others or only for you) or disable all balloon's colors.

Can I earn Days and Powers?

At the moment, we are issuing only COMM tokens, but events regarding the other assets are in plans. You will can exchange COMM tokens for Days and Powers in the Communicator's Marketplace.

Chat bots will be available?

Of course, yes. Any other feature you already know will be available.

What are Communicator use cases?

Instant messaging or voice/video calls with business connections, family, friends and other contacts. Make websites more attractive and engage discussions with embed chat (Chatip). An more funny messenger for keep teenagers connected. Send tokens for help or show your appreciation. Use it as both SMS, phone and modem dialer app. Collect, breed and show crypto collectibles using Super Stickers. Connect your devices with messages/commands.

Are you planning any partnerships?

With CoinLaunch, BountyHive,, ICO/bounty/airdrop lists, wallets and exchanges. Other partnerships can be discussed.

How Communicator differs from the competition?

Communicator brings new possibilities with his brand new features and the use of his tokens. Samples are: powers, personalized and multiform chat balloons, no need of costs in GAS, instant photo reactions in the messages' avatars, multiple app themes for free or for token in a Theme marketplace, embed version, button for send tokens to friends, embedded ETH wallet to mainstream Ethereum, 3 tokens, multiple functions (SMS, phone, modem dialer, connect and send messages/commands to multiple devices), Super Stickers (breedable crypto collectibles), etc.

How tokens are used in Communicator?

Communicator uses its own utility assets (tokens) to give access to app features/goods. COMM and DAY are both ERC-20 tokens, while the POWER is a ERC-721 token. COMM is the main token, POWER token represents purchaseable app features and crypto collectibles, and DAY token represents (as a subscription) how many days your Powers will work. DAY token holders will be called "Subscribers".

Can I sell things on Communicator?

Charging for COMM tokens you could sell: Super Stickers, themes, bots, etc.

Where can I store the app tokens?

They will be stored in the app's built-in Ethereum wallet. But if using the web app/decentralized app version, tokens will need to be stored in wallets like MyEtherWallet/MetaMask by adding custom token using Contract Address. You can also store the tokens on your Ledger USB device.

info Answers to more technical questions, you can find in our Whitepaper.


The Whitepaper is better than reading this site, showing much informations while keeping an easy to understand language.

It is in a early development stage, so it is subject to changes.

comment Comments

I know that there will be bad comments regarding the project, but I put this comment section for transparency purposes.

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